• Gold and Red

    Red and Gold

    Gold and  Red

    This tutorial is my own creation,  any resemblance  to other tutorial is purely coincidental. This Tutorial may not be forwarded , shared on any Web Site without my written permission.

    Supplies HERE




    LoveLetter and TulipMask  can be found Here


    Tramage Filter

    Can be found HERE

    This tutorial was written using PSP9, and should work in most versions.



    Install Tramage Filter before opening Psp

    Unzip Supplies, open the LoveLetter.png image  and the TulipsMask.jpg Windows –Duplicate close the original minimize for now.

    Save goldpattern.jpg to Patterns Folder

    Materials Palette,  change Foreground to #bc0000

    Background to goldpattern

    Angle: 0

    Repeats: 100





    Gold and Red


    File- New – open a new 600x 450 Transparent Image.

    Gold and Red

    Flood Fill with Foreground Color.

    Layers-New Raster Layer, Flood Fill with goldpattern

    Gold and Red



    Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image.

    Gold and Red

    Find  TulipsMask, mask data not checked, Source Luminance is selected.

    Gold and Red

    Layers- Merge Group


    Adjust- Sharpness- Sharpen.



    Maximize LoveLetter.png

    Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as New Layer .

    Image –Resize

    70% Smart Size, All layers not checked

    Gold and Red

    Adjust- Sharpness-Sharpen.

    Merge All ( Flatten)



    Image –Add Borders-Symmetric checked , 2 pixel White Color

    Activate Magic Wand

    Add ( Shift), RGB Value , Tolerance 0, Sample merged and Contiguous both checked.

    Gold and Red

    Click in the White Border, and Flood Fill with the goldpattern

    Angle 0, Scale 100

     Selections- Select none.


    Image- Add Borders Symmetric checked , 2 pixel Foreground.

    Image –Add Borders Symmetric checked, 2 pixel White.

     Select with Magic Wand, the same settings, Flood Fill with goldpattern

    Use the same settings.

    Selections-Select none.


    Image- Add Borders Symmetric checked, 20 pixel Foreground Color.

    Select with Magic Wand , the same settings.

    Effects- Tramage – Tow The Line.

    Control 0: 80

    Control 1: 54

    Control 2: 48

    Control 3: 9

    Click Apply

    Gold and Red

    Selections - Select none.


    Repeat the Step. 5 Adding Borders.

    Layers- New Raster Layer, Add your Watermark

     Layers- Merge All ( Flatten)

    Image- Resize

    Width 500 pixel – Height will self adjust, Smart Size.


    Gold and Red

    Adjust- Sharpness-Sharpen.


    Save as JPEG.

    Thank you for testing my tutorial.

    Hugs Etelka